Good Harvest began as Qidong Pesticide Factory established in 1970. In October 2002, it was restructured into Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Pesticides & Chemicals Co., Ltd. through the takeover of Qidong Ideal Chemical Co., Ltd. The company finished its joint-stock reform in March 2008 by the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and changed its name to Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.

Once restructured, Good Harvest has formulated a corporate development strategy of “replacing the high-pollution & high-risk agricultural and industrial chemical products with the high-tech ones” for the sake of the company’s long-term growth. After 12 years’ striving, Good Harvest has grown from a company on the edge of bankruptcy into a prominent domestic agrochemical company which boosts the potential for sustainable development. It is now converted into a scaling up group of companies with annual sales of CNY 2 billion, with nearly 1,000 staff members and an area of more than 60 hectares; which was only started with CNY10 million, 60 plus staff on 1 Ha of land.