humic acid,

soybean meal, 


Baclicus lincheniformis, 

enzymes, etc.


to increase organic matters and carbon source, to ameliorate micro ecological environment of rhizosphere, to make soil more porous to bring crops well developed roots, to absorb more nutrition from soil and fertilizers to help enhance yield and increase income.


1,200-2,400kg/ha is recommended in normal soil fertility. (it varies according to the crop natures, targeted yield, soil and the combination with other fertilizers.)

Crops: All crops, vegetables & fruits, cash crops and home &gardens, etc.




humic acid, 


carbon source, 

organic matters ≥20%, 

Bacillus subtilis, 

amino acids 

Meso & Microelements, etc. 


To increase organic matters and carbon source in soil, rich in NPK, it improves the growth vitality and anti-stress ability of crops, regulates the micro-ecological environment of soil and restrain soil borne diseases


To be used as base fertilizer, 600 – 1800kg/ha for all crops.




phosphorus / calcium / silicon / magnesium / sulfur, etc., 

fulvic acid, 

ion-exchange minerals

Paenibacillus mucilaginosus  

Bacillus subtilis 

pH = 8.0 - 8.5


Rich in phosphorus, calcium, silicon, magnesium and sulfur, etc., it regulates the soil pH. It contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms of high vitality, effectively improving the soil rhizosphere environment and promoting strong growth of crops. In addition, the adopted high polymer slow released technology in the product can release nutrients when crops growth needs, which improves nutrient utilization and reduces agricultural pollution.

Application Method

It is mainly used as base fertilizer. It can be used with traditional fertilizers such as chemical fertilizers and compound fertilizers, improving the nutrient utilization of traditional fertilizers. Place the product under soil when soil is in preparation, the dosage is recommended 300-600kg/ha.

Remarks: For acidic soil only


Good Harvest M6 (Microbial Inoculant)

Compositions: Streptomyces fradiae: effective microorganism ≥ 2x108CFU/g


It can secrete Streptomyces and Nystatin which significantly inhibits bacteria and fungus soil borne diseases, prevents continuous cropping, enhances growth and yield.


M6 can be widely used in all crops, vegetables, fruits, cash crops, gardens, ect. The applications below are recommended.

  1. 1. Mixing with other fertilizers

When applying base fertilizer or sowing, apply this product with the dosage of 15-30 kg/ha mixing with chemical fertilizer or organic fertilizer (increase amount to 45-75kg/ha when apply to high valued crops or target yield). 

2. Seed dressing: sow the seeds after wetting, mixing with M6 7.5-15kg/ha and drying in the shade

  1. 3. Seedbed: mix this product at dosage of 100-200 g per square meter seedbed with nutrient soil before sowing.

  2. 4. Root dipping: dilute this product with water at 1:20 and apply the dilution to transplanting crops after stirring evenly.

Crops: All crops