GH-Ca – High end comprehensive water soluble calcium

Compositions: CaO≥20% + free amino acids

Features: It is mainly used to prevent calcium deficiency resulting in fruit cracking, yellow & tiny leaves, deformed shapes and some other physiological diseases, improve the quality and good shape, endurable for transportation and storage, longer shelf life, ameliorate the pH of soil.


1. Foliar spray: dilute it with 800-1000 times of water for vegetables, and 1000-1500 times for fruits

2. Root drench: dilute it with 500-800 times of water for flushing or drip irrigation, it can be used for a few more times, use it every 10-15 days.

3. Flushing irrigation: 15-30kg per ha.


It is applicable to cereals, cotton, fruits & vegetables, melons, better for those fruits demanding for more calcium, such as, apple, orange, peach, pear, date, lychee, banana and grapes, etc.