WasteSaver – decomposer of organic matters

Compositions: rich in multifunctional microorganisms ≥ 2x108 CFU/g

Features: it quickly decomposes stalks and straws, animal manures by thorough decomposing and outstanding deodorizing.


1) Put 1,000g evenly in 1,000kg (2.5 cubic meter on dry matter basis) of organic materials for fermentation.

2) The surrounding temperature should be higher than 5℃. The non-consecutive fermentation should be adopted in low temperature, and heat insulating measures should be taken.

3) It is aerobic ventilation fermentation. To avoid the influence of wind and rain, cover the fermenting materials when it is necessary.

4) The initial carbon vs nitrogen of fermenting materials: 20-30:1, moisture is better within 45-60%.

5) Fermentation time: 7-10 days, depending upon outer temperature.

Application Scopes

WasteSaver is widely used in rapid and harmless fermenting animal manures, agricultural solid waste and urban and garden garbage, filtered mud and residues, as well as some other solid waste.