Shenqinmycin 95%                                                                                                                                (ICAMA No. PD20110314)

Shenqinmycin 1% SC                                                                                                                             (ICAMA No. PD20110315)


It is a newly developed biological pesticide by microbial fermentation. It enhances roots and growth, with its rhizosphere beneficial substances and fertilizing features, it increases yield while preventing pathogens. 

A new formulation of ecological suspension was developed with the features of xylene free, environment friendly, adhesive and extensive, micro particle size. It was granted the national invention patent.

Validamycin 2% + Bacillus cereus 0.8 billion cfu/g SC 

Validamycin 2.5% + Bacillus cereus 1 billion cfu/g SC                                                  (ICAMA No. PD20090010/ PD20092826)

Validamycin 4% + Bacillus cereus 1.6 billion cfu/g WP

Validamycin 8% + Bacillus cereus 3.2 billion cfu/g WP                                                 (ICAMA No. PD20090874/ PD20094015)

Bacillus cereus + Validamycin

As a newly developed bio-pesticide, Bacillus cereus + Validamycin containing auxins, gibberellic acid works with preventive and curative effect. It was granted national invention patent.