Job:Overseas Regulatory Staff

Job Responsibilities:

1.Take charge of the regulation-related affairs between factory and clients

2.Contact relevant laboratories and facilities; follow up the progress of the relevant experiments and check the lab reports

3.Prepare regulation files according to the Nation’s requirements; information collection and relevant reports writing

4.Certificate Application for Free Sales; Embassy Certification for relevant files

5.Collection and archiving of the pesticides regulation policies and laws of foreign countries Qualifications:

6.Bachelor degree or above 

7.Majoring in Plant Protection, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, etc. 

8.Fluent in oral English, good at English writing; experienced preferred

9.Clear and logic thinking, capable of analyzing and solving problems

10.Devoted, ethical and honest


Job:Documentation Clerk

Job Responsibilities:

1.Customs clearance and Letter of Credit know-how, including the application of Export Certificate of Origin, foreign exchange offset, etc.

2.Contact forwarders and check the charges

3.Take charge of the relevant documents: invoices, packing lists, L/Cs, B/Ls, insurance policies, etc.

4.Take charge of the invoices and payments of shipment charges

5.First review of the L/C; first review and making of the documents; overall performance and follow-ups of the transactions of the documents, ensure the quality and the clauses; ensure to safe remittance collection

6.Timely handle each document, allow no delay of the shipment nor the documents; ensure the accordance of all the relevant documents

7.Establish the ledger accordingly among the salesmen 

8.Take charge of the arrangement, storage and archiving of the documents of shipments, samples, etc.


1.Bachelor degree of above

2.Majoring in International Trade, Marketing, etc.

3.Fluent oral English and good English writing; experienced staff preferred

4.Clear and logic thinking, capable of analyzing and solving problems

5.Devoted, ethical and honest


Job:Overseas Sales Representative

Job Responsibilities:

1.Independently carry out overseas sales and explore foreign market; developing, follow-up and maintenance of the new clients

2.Maintenance of the old clients, deal with clients’ demand with efficacy

3.Management of the export purchase order; capable of a series of the procedures of foreign trade, e.g., inquiries, quotations, business negotiations, contract signing, orders follow-ups and handling of all sorts of the contingencies

4.Remittance collection and after-sales services

5.Arrangement and the archiving of the business relevant files

6.Skillful in operations with Alibaba and other software designed for foreign trade

7.Be of assistance to the implementation of company’s business goals and plans; finish other tasks from supervisors, etc.


1.Bachelor degree or above

2.Majoring in International Trade, Marketing, etc.

3.With actual work experience in overseas sales; with export know-how preferred

4.Fluent in English, capable of efficient communications with foreign clients through e-mails or telephone; also able to handle independently business negotiation with foreign clients

5.Flexible and good at business exploring and business negotiation skills

6.Devoted, ethical and honest


Job:Job:Regional Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1.Formulate regional sales strategies and detailed sales plans; sales estimation; ensure the in-time implement of the company’s sales goals and plans; maintenance and developing of the sales channels; market shares increasing

2.Regional promotion; staff management and incentives

3.Make market plans; reasonable and efficient use of material and expenditures

4.Regularly collect, gather and analyze the main crop technique from the markets and regions, also the information of competitors; in-time feedback to the company as part of decision bases

5.Formulate the clients-developing plans and carry them out; establishment and maintenance of good clients relationships

6.Regional team management and staff training


1.Bachelor degree of Plant Protection, Agriculture and the relevant majors; 5 or more years of excellent job experience in agriculture or agrochemicals

2.Good management of sales channels; with sales skills know-how

3.Know the region and to a certain extent the crops technique, plant diseases and insects and the control measures in the region

4.Good communication and negotiation skills; capable of market exploring and coordination

5.Capable of being a good leader towards team-work skills and efficiency 

6.Adaptable to long errands; acceptable to the long run of remote-distance work